NL Ladies at Tom’s Tourney

Report written by Ingeborg Kuijlaars; Pictures by Get Horizontal’s Wouter Struyf.

Team Picture by Quentin Dupre La Tour from FOCUS Ultimate

For the Dutch National Women’s team Tom’s Tourney was a weekend of firsts: our first tournament playing as a team crammed with personal team successes and struggles. The two first games also brought in our first two losses against strong Danish and Swiss National Teams. Our game against the Danish was a difficult search for our offensive connections. We went down early, yet our focus brought us several scores towards the end to soften the blow of defeat: 4-8. The Swiss were a more merciless opponent earlier on taking a quick 0-4 lead. Thereafter we managed to find to a greater extent our offensive flow and roughly traded points to make it 7-12 after time. Our final game of the day became our first win. Playing against Mantis our D-line, already working hard for us in previous game, really got into the zone (we literally tried a new zone in this game and it worked really well) and basically won us this game. Their three point run gave us a nice buffer and enabled us to secure a final score of 12-8.

Our final pool match took place on Saturday morning. Our match against the Irish National Team would be to many our best game of the weekend. Not only was this our first win against a fellow national team (spoilers: there was another one!), but this was also perhaps the game in which we could most clearly see what beautiful things our offense was capable of. Now clearly our ambition to do well at Tom’s was from a team-building point of view, but our two victories did secure us the third place finish in our pool and kept us in contention for a 9th place finish. We carried our victory against Mantis and came out victorious against Micz. We took a lead early on despite a shaky zone defense. Micz proved unfazed by our man-defense however, so we switched back to a few different zones and capitalized on their few misfires to take the victory 10-6. Our next opponent Tequila Boom Boom simply outclassed us. We struggled to curb their deap threat and overthrows on offense added to Tequila’s dominant victory: 6-14.

Action Shots by Wouter Struyf from fooliage(punt)com (7)

Our final match of the day was our quarterfinal in the 9-16 bracket against the Danes, this time the Masters edition. The joint dancing warm-up set the right tone for what would become an intense match. After an even start the Danish side utilized their killer inside breaks to take a three point lead. Adjusting our defense we fought back; and while momentum seemed to be on our side, we ran out of time to turn our come-back into a victory. This loss put us in the 13-16 bracket and had us facing the Spanish National Team the following morning. We took the lead against a very passionate Spanish side. Although they threatened to come back throughout the entire match, points tended to fall our way accumilating to a decisive 8-3 victory. Had Tilt, a fellow Dutch women’s team, won their match against Micz that morning, it would have been an orange battle for 13th place. However Tilt lost that match on universe, so we would face Micz yet again and test the well known saying that you cannot beat the same team twice at the same tournament. Micz was on fire from the start of this tense match and took the lead. The Dutch were working hard to realize their come-back when a seemingly clean handblock by Valentijn and resultant Callahan score by Becs was undone with a foul call. This denied goal might have given the Dutch an upper hand in their struggle for victory. Instead Micz remained on top and pulled away for a decisive 5-9 victory. The Dutch National Women’s team ended 14th.

Action Shots by Wouter Struyf from fooliage(punt)com (4)

This final loss was definitely difficult to stomach, even with the Swiss chocolate provided by a much improved performance in Micz’s spirit game to soften the ache. We circled up one last time that weekend and were reminded to look past this particular defeat at the successes of this weekend. Both on and off the field we had grown as a team. (We didn’t know it at the time, but we had done so showing solid spirit: 3rd place finish!) Granted, there is plenty of room for improvement; but Tom’s has shed light on where we are and where we want to go. Most importantly, our work at Tom’s has brought forward a lot of important insight into how we can get there.

Next on the agenda: the 23rd of May. This will be a full day with team-building excercises, a training, and the exciting prospect of a 19:30showcase game against the French National Women’s Team. With similar goal differences against the same Tom’s Tourney opponents (although the French fared better against the Swiss), it will be interesting to see what happens when these two teams meet in two weeks time. Come cheer us on to victory!

Action Shots by Wouter Struyf from fooliage(punt)com (5)

King’s night is for the ladies – NL dames training report 27 april

Strategy Talk 150426_DSC_2984

Last Saturday the Dutch Women’s team had another exciting training in Amsterdam. Armed this time with two coaches, Sjoerd and Trish, we set to work on what we had been fairly forewarned would be an intensive afternoon.

The afternoon kicked of with a short team meeting to discuss strategy. Coach Sjoerd made short work of explaining his take on life, the universe, but mainly women’s ultimate in the Netherlands. In a few sentences and pen strokes he outlined our team’s strategy and the logic behind it. Then we were shoo’ed onto the field ready to start the day.
This no-nonsense strategy talk set the tone for the day. Even the warm-up was intense with focus points pushing us to be dominant from the get go. Each drill was succinctly explained with good focus points; and we were given little time to dwell on bad habits which swift feedback from both Sjoerd and Trish set out to do away with. It was a thrillingly tough afternoon with neither coach accepting any slacking during drill time. In truth we don’t have a lot of time until Copenhagen to become the team we need to be. So the pressure to start performing now was perfect. All sprints were full speed and even the drill demonstrations featured lay-outs.
The deep defense drill especially was found to be both physically and mentally challenging. With everyone so accustomed to cutting in and the defense therefore so used to defending under, it was quite a shift when both parties had to do the exact opposite: cut deep with a defender forcing you under. This drill furthermore nicely illustrated the team’s impressive hucking power. With many of our “just a cutter” players also throwing it very long indeed.
Player rotation within and between drills allowed us to play with and against most of the women on the team. This training was also the first time we played in our newly defined offense and defense lines: an exciting moment. Line chemistry increased from point to point. The o-line tinkered with their various strategies; and the d-line experimented with a new zone look.
The focus and intensity of the training really stand out. And under it all there was an undercurrent of excitement as we made our final preparations for Tom’s Tourney this coming weekend.
Team Picture 150426_DSC_2987

Women’s update – 11 april

On the 11th of April the women’s team assembled in Amsterdam for practice. Overcast skies, high winds and light showers to start set the tone for a difficult yet rewarding practice. Led by Trish York, we were treated to an offense focused training. After being awed by the sheer wealth of experience implied by Trish’ short introduction of herself as a coach and a trainer, we introduced ourselves to our new trainer, and thereby also got a bit better acquainted with our teammates.

With the coming of rain it was time to get moving. Not with a conventional jogging based routine but with a cutting drill, interesting. The training as a whole had a new pacing for many of us. Instead of one game to finish; scrimmages were interspersed throughout the training, allowing us to implement each lesson we learned directly into a game context. And while the first scrimmage was a bit messy, the second scrimmage saw significantly smoother offenses while the unpredictable winds fueled the game’s overall intensity.
From deep throws to dump throws, a general sweep of all things offense was covered giving us all much food for thought and further development as the season progresses. A successful training, leaving us all glowing under a nice sheen of sweat. With two more weeks of fitness under our belts we now eagerly anticipate this week Sunday’s training which will have a more defensive flavor to it. And beyond that, Tom’s Tourney.
Team Picture 150411_DSC_2452

Londonesque klimaat training voor U23

Door Tim de Roos

Zaterdag 11 april 2015. Alle spelers van het U23 reizen af naar Utrecht, onder een grijze hemel en begeleid met een harde wind weet iedereen de Vechtzoom weer te vinden. Na een teambonding sessie onder leiding van coach Hildo Bijl, trekken de mannen de sportkleding aan en stappen ze het veld op. Een warming up en paar drills later begint de wind toch aardig aan te trekken en begint het zachtjes te regenen. Maar het U23 laat zich niet kennen, er wordt goed doorgetraind en geoefend op de verticale stack en endzone plays. De training wordt afgesloten met een wedstrijd in de stromende regen. Absoluut de perfecte voorbereiding voor London. Het U23 bestaat nu officieel uit de volgende 18 spelers:

  • Andric Dumas
  • Chris Jacobs
  • Coen van der Sluijs
  • Jasper Derickx
  • Jeremias Gotthelf Kochlauch
  • Joe Ricci
  • Josh Culliton
  • Kevin de Jongh
  • Kristan Feenstra
  • Merlijn Koek
  • Noah Silverstein
  • Oscar Mensink
  • Stefan Spiekerman
  • Sven Huiskens
  • Tim de Roos
  • Tim Huijg
  • Vincent Koppen
  • Wietse Brandsma
  • Coach: Hildo Bijl
  • Teammanager: Arian van Herk


First Dutch Women’s Practice of 2015 – #roadtocopenhagen

By Ravi Vasudevan.

A few days ago I got a message from Lisa Kouwenberg, one of the National Women’s team organizers, stating that the Dutch National Women’s team needed someone to run a practice for them and asked if I would be available for it. I decided to help them out and went to Utrecht where 14/19 of the Dutch team came together for the first official practice of the season.  Here’s what went down.

Since captains, coaches and roles were not yet fully decided, offensive and defensive systems were not really in place yet. The training, therefore, focussed mainly on individual skills and different drills that could be used to teach the players how their teammates play.  This was also a chance to try out many different skills so that the eventual captains could gauge which players on the team excel at different parts of the game to form lines.  We worked on basic throws and cuts, dump sets and playing under pressure in the first half to see where the women were at in these disciplines.  The second half focussed on marking, defensive footwork and deep throwing.

All in all, I was very impressed with the level that this women’s team has even without 5 other strong players that couldn’t make it this time around.  It is awesome to see the top of the Dutch women’s pyramid really buy into making a strong women’s team.  Since Primavera’s heydey, there hasn’t really been an effort for this generation of Dutch women to put together their strongest players to see what they can do on an international stage.  So what was I impressed by, specifically?

This team has skills.  Everyone on the team was really solid with the disc and pretty athletic too.  They have many players with great deep throws and break abilities.  They also have players that can catch under really hot pressure and these are the building blocks that any competitive ultimate team needs to have.

The players are very coachable.  I brought in a lot of stuff most of them were used to and a few things that were very new to a lot of the team.  The vast majority of the team was open to trying things out and were able to adapt to different situations very well.  I think once they figure out which systems to run, they will easily turn into a well oiled machine.

These girls are willing to work hard.  I could sense the eagerness to run all the drills I put them through.  I could see a lot of enthusiasm to push through even when things got frustrating or physically difficult.  If they keep this up all season, who knows where they will end up in Copenhagen.

Of course some things still need work this early in the season like building chemistry and gaining some confidence.  However, I feel that this group has the pieces necessary to put together a strong, competitive women’s team.  I can’t wait to see what this team can accomplish in the coming season.  After practice they had an hour long team session to split up team tasks and figure out how the team stands on different goals.  4 months including 2 tournaments and 6 practices left until Copenhagen.  Let’s go Oranje.


Iris throwing a flick to Alicja. Defenders Imke and Henriette try to stop the intended play.  - Picture by Martine Bootsma

Iris throwing a flick to Alicja. Defenders Imke and Henriette try to stop the intended play.
– Picture by Martine Bootsma

Yellowbrick hoofdsponsor Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team


 Afgelopen week hebben we mogen genieten van het succes van het Nederlands beach frisbee team. Nederland werd 9e op het WK en behaalde daarmee haar tot doel gestelde top 10 plaatsing.  Maar het NBFT behaalde nog veel meer. Voorafgaand aan het WK wist het team een samenwerking met Yellowbrick aan te gaan. Daarmee is het Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team het éérste Nederlandse Nationale team dat een grote sponsor weet aan te trekken. Lees hieronder of hier het persbericht. De opkomende mobiele parkeerdienst is een onderneming met veel parellelen met ultimate en zit bovendien niet ver bij de amsterdamse vereniging Crunch vandaan gehuisvest. De samenwerking met Yellowbrick is hier van uitzonderlijk belang want buiten de mooie shirts en de sponsoring van het team, laat Yellowbrick zien dat zij gelooft in de waarden die ultimate met zich meebrengt. Yellowbrick en het NBFT hebben op het WK een belangrijke stap gezet richting de legitimatie van de Nederlandse Nationale teams. We hopen beide nog vaak en langer terug te zien.

Wil je gebruikmaken van Yellowbrick, of je interesse tonen in hun product. Neem dan een kijkje op en begin met slimmer parkeren. Handig want, slimmer parkeren is in de praktijk ook goedkoper parkeren (dan een parkeerautomaat). Goedkoper parkeren = meer geld = meer ultimate toernooien.

Namens het NBFT & UltimateNL,

Tot 2017!

<einde mailinglijst>


Yellowbrick hoofdsponsor Nederlands ultimate beach frisbee team

Samen naar de top 10 in Dubai?

Yellowbrick is hoofdsponsor van het Nederlands ultimate beach frisbee team. Het mixt team bestaat uit 17 mannen en vrouwen. Tot en met 13 maart spelen ze het WK Ultimate Frisbee Beach (officieel:WCBU) in Dubai. De Nederlanders zijn top 10 kandidaten.

Ultimate frisbee is een snel groeiende en spectaculaire teamsport, die in de jaren zestig in de VS is ontstaan. Een team scoort door met de frisbee het vak aan de overkant van het speelveld te bereiken. Dit betekent hard sprinten, accuraat gooien en duiken om de frisbee te vangen. Ultimate is de enige teamsport waarbij zelfs op het niveau van het wereldkampioenschap geen scheidsrechter aanwezig is. Fair play en de tegenstander met respect behandelen zijn essentiële waarden die binnen de sport.

Door het sponsorschap toont Yellowbrick haar maatschappelijke betrokkenheid en verbindt zich aan de sport ultimate frisbee. “Er zijn veel overeenkomsten, ultimate frisbee is een upcoming en eerlijke sport. Wij zitten ook in een opkomende en snel groeiende markt, staan met betalen per minuut voor eerlijk parkeren en transparantie is een belangrijke waarde in onze organisatie”, aldus Emmy Huiskamp, manager marketing en communicatie Yellowbrick.

Over het Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team

In 2011 is het Nederlands mixed team opgericht voor het wereldkampioenschap in Italië. Het team eindigde als elfde. Twee jaar later deed een deel van de selectie van 2011, aangevuld met een aantal nieuwe spelers mee aan het EK in Spanje en behaalde wederom de elfde plek. De huidige selectie van het Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team voor het WK in Dubai bouwt voort op het team uit 2013. Streven is de top 10 op het WK in Dubai te halen.

Over Yellowbrick 
Yellowbrick is een Nederlands familiebedrijf en biedt sinds 2006 mobiel parkeren aan. Particuliere en zakelijke klanten bricken op straat, bij Q-Park garages, Q-Park P+R terreinen en bij Schiphol. Sinds 2013 is bricken ook mogelijk in België. Yellowbrick werkt samen met onder andere ANWB, FBTO, Hertz, ICS, Shell en Travelcard.


Quick thursday update – one more day

So, with the Swiss out of the way. The NL only has to pass the Czech Republic for 9th place. Considering Canada made finals (6-5) in an awful upwind-downwind game against the US. And Germany won (6-3) over portugal in semis. The Phillipines and Sweden are going for 5th (beating Russia 13-5 and Ireland 7-6, respectively). Pool B definately turned out to be the pool of death. One could only imagine what would have happened if the Dutch would have made quarters.

One game to go. Would the Dutch (2 wins, 13-4 AUS, 12-2 Swiss) lose they would become 10th. If they win, 9th. There’s strong winds and it could go either way. Yet Czechs (7-8 against swiss win. 8-9 loss against AUS), only played universe games, and the Dutch blasted their opponents. Who’s up for the win. Follow them tomorrow at 6 in the morning.

Meanwhile. Galen is at 24 scores while Eddy Van Der Kloot is at 23 beating Justine van der Meulen‘s 20 scores from last year. How much more will they make? Or will Hilco Beukema make a push for the scoring title (19 scores thusfar)?

Quick update

NL has played 7 games thusfar:

Ned 12 – Gbr 9

Ned 12 – Uga 5

Ned 7 – Swe 13

Ned 7 – Ger 10

Ned 13 – Cze 5

Ned 12 – Ind 5

Ned 4 – Can 7

With Canada and Germany atop the poole each with 6 wins and 1 loss and Sweden and Phillipines closely following with 5 wins and 2 losses (in which Phillipines beat Sweden 10-8); the only possibility for the NL to go into quarters would be a tie with phillipines in the poole. Sweden will play Uganda, which they’ll most likely win. 

Thus, that leaves the task with beating the phillipines. Which will give both teams a 5-3 record. The rules then clearly state: if A and B are tied and a has beaten B, then A gets the higher place. (Slightly paraphrased)

And if the Dutch win against phillipines both teams end with 5 wins and 3 losses, making the only win that counts the one between the two teams! Go Dutch!

It all comes down to the final game!

P.s. That quarterfinal matchup would be against the USA. 

Good luck NBFT!

Gisteren ontving het NBFT vanuit Nederland succeswensen van jullie, hun vrienden, familie, teamgenoten en supporters. Het viel in zeer goede handen. Nederland, succes! Wij staan achter jullie!

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door:

  • Familie Doesburg
  • Dorian Kingma, Tante en nichtjes Hilco
  • Lauri van Ommen en familie van Ommen
  • NUTS
  • Airborn
  • UFO
  • Howard
  • Sophie
  • Nienke en zusjes Eelke
  • Coen
  • Gijs, Joe en Michiel
  • NT dames
  • Oline
  • Team Enderest
  • UTKA
  • Seton, Carine, Adriaan, Bronwyn, Nan, Tris
  • Katie & Elgin,
  • Ravi
  • Delft bestuur Force Elektro
  • Fery en Ellen
  • Coco
  • Joram en Sandrijn


— English —
Yesterday, the NBFT received good luck wishes from you, their friends, family, teammates and supporters. It was unanimously well received. We want to wish you guys the best of luck! We’ll be here rooting for you!

Made possible by the people mentioned above.

DCUB to NBFT: 2011 – 2015

— English below —

Afgelopen zondag speelde het NBFT haar laatste Nederlandse oefenwedstrijd tegen de Red Lights. Mooi zomerweer was het niet, want er stond nog best veel wind. Helaas verloor het NBFT deze pot. Als echte serieuze atleten gingen de leden van het NBFT dinsdag en maandag nog een maal het veld op om de laatste kleine beetjes aan hun spel te perfectioneren. Het team neemt zo’n 14 maanden aan training mee naar Dubai, bovenop 4 jaar aan geschiedenis. We doen een blik terug in de tijd:

2011, WCBU Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italië

November 2010 ontstond het Nederlands beach mixed team uit een serie tryouts in een ijskoude winter. Door middel van crowdfunding wist het team een deel van de reis naar het WK te sponsoren. Wat volgde was een onvergetelijke ervaring. Het team reisde af in een gehuurd busje vanaf Utrecht naar Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italië. Spelers als Michiel, Hilco, Eddy, Galen en Tim van Caubergh waren toen al van de partij. Op het WK deed Nederland het niet onverdienstelijk. In haar allereerste wedstrijd speelde zij tegen groot concurrent Ierland (wiens rivaliteit werd vergroot door twee verliespartijen tegen Ierland op het EK gras eerder dat jaar). Ierland kwam toen op een 7-3 voorsprong, maar Nederland wist de score gelijk te trekken naar 8-8 om uiteindelijk haar eerste wedstrijd met 10-9 te winnen! D-CUB (het zogeheten Dutch Co-ed Ultimate Beach team) won daarna ook tegen Brazilië en Currier Island (Pick-up team voor spelers waarvan de landen niet genoeg gerepresenteerd zijn). Hierna ging het Nederland iets minder af, de volgende 6 potten werden verloren waarvan 3 (Estland, Polen, Italië) slechts met één punt. Hierop volgde een verliezers bracket waarin Nederland zowel van Frankrijk en Rusland wist te winnen voor een elfde plek uit 22 teams.

2013, ECBU Calafell, Spanje

In 2013 was het de bedoeling van dit team om nog sterker, nog beter aan de slag te gaan. De kern van het team bleef gelijk, maar met de toevoeging van enkele sterke spelers zoals Jon, Justine, Linda, Marieke, Rogier werd er een grote belofte gemaakt voor het jaar. Ook dit jaar trainden ze in de barre kou op het strand. In de voorbereidingstoernooien wist Nederland onder andere te winnen van Portugal en Engeland, maar bleef de winst tegen Ierland uit.

Op het EK zelf verloor Nederland achtereenvolgens tegen Turkije, Ierland en Engeland met twee punten verschil. Terwijl in elke wedstrijd beide teams hadden kunnen winnen, trok Nederland toch aan het kortste eind. Nederland wist het toernooi af te sluiten met enkele mooie potten en winstpartijen tegen Polen, Oostenrijk en Zwitserland voor de elfde plek, maar moest toch een bittere pil slikken toen Ierland in de finale tweede werd.

2015WCBU Dubai, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten

Dit jaar heeft D-CUB haar naam omgedoopt tot NBFT, het Nederlands Beach Frisbee Team. Nog meer goede spelers werden aan het team toegevoegd (Joost, Tim, Inger, Yulia, Sanne, Eelke, Lisa, Yvonne). Het team heeft een onwijs succesvolle crowdfunding campagne gehad, serieus getraind en menig internationaal toernooi aangedaan. Met een lang voorbereidingstraject in haar zak zal het NBFT zo al haar kracht bewijzen op het strand. Over meer dan 40 wedstrijden heeft het NBFT tot dusver meer dan driekwart gewonnen, waaronder ook van Ierland. Er werden creatieve manieren bedacht om een jaar lang een strak trainingsregime vol te houden en mensen erbij aanwezig te houden. Het team heeft de afgelopen drie maanden gelet op haar drank- en voedselinname en hard in de sportschool getraind. Het Nederlands Beach Frisbee team is er klaar voor.

Let the games begin!

Morgen verschijnt alweer de laatste post op weg naar Dubai. Daarna zal je verslag gelegd worden vanuit Dubai zelf door onze geliefde BicycleMark (a.k.a. Citizenreporter).


— English—

Last sunday the NBFT played her last game Dutch practise game against the Red Lights. Because of the wind, the weather bore no resemblance of summer like in Dubai. NBFT lost the game. However, innate to true serious athletes the NBFT members went back to the field on monday and tuesday to perfect the last elements of their game. The team will bring about 14 months of training to Dubai, followed by 4 years of history. We take a brief look back into the past:

2011, WCBU Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

In the icecold winter of 2010 the Dutch beach mixed team formed inteself out of a series of tryouts. By means of crowdfunding the team knew to cover part of their Worlds. Wat followed was an unbelievable experience. The team travelled in a rented van from Utrecht to Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. Back then players like Michiel, Hilco, Eddy, Galen and Tim van Caubergh were already on the squad.  At Worlds the Netherlands was playing very decently. In her first game she played her big rival Ireland (who’s rivalry was emphasized by two tough losses at the grass Europeans a month earlier). Ireland took a 7-3 lead, but the Dutch tied the score at 8-8 to eventually win her first game 10-9! D-CUB (the Dutch Co-ed Ultimate Beach team) then also won her games against Brazil and Currier Island (international pick-up team). Then the Dutch their performance dropped and the next 6 games were lost, of which 3 by just 1 point (Estonia, Poland, Italy). D-CUB ended up in the losers bracket, but straightened out her game winning against France and Russia to become 11th out of 22.

2013, ECBU Calafell, Spain

In 2013 the intention was to make this team even stronger, to work even better. The core of the team stayed the same, but now strong players were added like Jon, Justine, Linda, Marieke and Rogier. With them the team was a big promise for the year. Also this year the Dutch played all throughout the cold winter and in the prep tournaments the Netherlands knew to win against Portugal and England, but did not win against Ireland.

At Europeans, the Netherlands road faired unfortunate losing against Turkey, Ireland and England all with two points difference. While in each game either team could have won, the Netherlands was the one pulling the shortest straw. The Netherlands knew to close out the tournament succesfully again, winning against Poland, Austria and Switzerland this time and finishing elevent, yet had to skip a beat when Ireland placed itself second in the final.

2015WCBU Dubai, UAE

This year D-CUB changed its name to NBFT, the Dutch Beach Frisbee Team. More good players were added (Joost, Tim, Yulia, Sanne, Eelke, Yvonne and Lisa). The team hosted a great succesfull crowdfunding campaign, trained hard and played at many different international tournaments. With a long preparatory traject the NBFT will prove her strength the most at this championship. In 40 games the NBFT won more than three quarters of her games, under which also against Ireland. Creative ways were thought to be able to endure a tight trainingsregimen  and keep people involved. Also, the past three months they watched their diet and alcohol consumption. The Dutch National Frisbee Team is ready.

Let the games begin!

Tomorrw already the last post will be made from in the prelude for Dubai. Thereafter you wil receive a report from Dubai itself written by our beloved BicycleMark (a.k.a. Citizenreporter).