Quick thursday update – one more day

So, with the Swiss out of the way. The NL only has to pass the Czech Republic for 9th place. Considering Canada made finals (6-5) in an awful upwind-downwind game against the US. And Germany won (6-3) over portugal in semis. The Phillipines and Sweden are going for 5th (beating Russia 13-5 and Ireland 7-6, respectively). Pool B definately turned out to be the pool of death. One could only imagine what would have happened if the Dutch would have made quarters.

One game to go. Would the Dutch (2 wins, 13-4 AUS, 12-2 Swiss) lose they would become 10th. If they win, 9th. There’s strong winds and it could go either way. Yet Czechs (7-8 against swiss win. 8-9 loss against AUS), only played universe games, and the Dutch blasted their opponents. Who’s up for the win. Follow them tomorrow at 6 in the morning.

Meanwhile. Galen is at 24 scores while Eddy Van Der Kloot is at 23 beating Justine van der Meulen‘s 20 scores from last year. How much more will they make? Or will Hilco Beukema make a push for the scoring title (19 scores thusfar)?


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